Services Offered

November 15, 2022

Services Offered


International Office provides advisory and other supports to its students and staff as well as international students, faculty, members and researchers visiting the college under the most valued internationalization activities. Student Mobility, Faculty Exchange, and Strategic Partnership to name a few. The primary responsibility of the office involves dealing with the issues relating to  international mobility, exchange agreements or cooperation activities. Some of the student service programs include orientation to new students, academic tips, advising and counseling, workshops  and webinars. While internal students can learn about opportunities to participate in international activities, international students and researchers can gain a seamless international experience before, during and after their stay at the college. In addition, the office assists faculty in enjoying the educational benefits of international students on campus.


The International Office acts as a central point for coordinating and facilitating international activities such as mobility programs and international activities. The office places great importance on facilitating connections between international students and local students, thereby integrating them into the academic and social activities of the college.


International partnership is one of the most valued activities for internationalizing higher education. The International Office provides the necessary institutional support needed to sign Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with institutions around the world. So far, we have established our mutually beneficial collaborations with universities and institutions located in Europe and Asia. The collaborations with consortiums have led to capacity building of students and staffs, student/faculty exchange programs, joint research opportunities, professional development of faculty and so forth. This directly contributes to the internationalization of our institute.


Please feel free to drop us your queries regarding any topic, you will be answered within 48 hrs.