Sagarmatha IT Club

Sagarmatha IT Club

The Sagarmatha IT Club(SITC) was established with an aim to bridge the gap between industry and academia under Sagarmatha College Of Science and Technology. The club stands to provide its students an opportunity to share and extend their ideas and hence interact with the industry to expand their horizons in the field of IT and its fast-changing technology.
The club stands to deliver a quality student-centered support hub that encourages IT students to improve academically and participate in college and external activities. The IT club targets to provide an environment for students to share and extend their knowledge and hence improve their overall skills both technical and cognitive.Emphasising corporate social responsibility, SITC strives to instil a sense of social
awareness among its members. This awareness is intended to prepare students to be responsible individuals capable of addressing societal challenges beyond college and in their future workplaces. Club Description (Club Goal, Mission and Vision):

● To bridge students among departments of BCA and CSIT along with industry and academia
● To promote exposure to field of computer technology and networking outside of the regular curriculum
● To propose and conduct essential and eventful programs for the students like skill-based training schemes, seminars, paper/project  presentations, workshops for soft skill development and technical development, social works etc.
● To aid in personality development involving live activities/ interactions in an industrial setting
● To promote transparent work allowing individual growth along with of the Club
● To host a common place for all members to foster growth void of any type of discrimination or partiality

We regularly post updates about our upcoming events on our social media platforms. Students can check there for information or contact us directly via email or social media for any queries.


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