Exam Section

Exam Section

The Exam Section of Sagarmatha College of Science & Technology is an essential administrative hub that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth conduct of examinations and assessment processes for its students. Situated at the heart of the academic campus, it serves as a central point for students to address their queries, submit necessary documents, and obtain information related to their examinations.

Facilities provided by the Exam Section:

  1. Examination Scheduling: The Exam Section meticulously plans and schedules examinations, taking into account the academic calendar and the syllabus coverage. This ensures that examinations are conducted in a timely manner, allowing students sufficient time for preparation.
  2. Admit Card  Distribution: Prior to each examination, the Exam Section distributes Admit Card to students, which contain essential details such as exam dates, timings, and venue. This ensures that students are well-informed about their examination schedule and can make necessary arrangements in advance.
  3. Examination Venue Arrangements: The Exam Section coordinates with various departments to arrange suitable examination venues equipped with necessary facilities such as seating arrangements, lighting, and ventilation. This ensures a conducive environment for students to write their examinations comfortably.
  4. Invigilation and Supervision: The Exam Section recruits and trains invigilators to oversee the examination process and maintain integrity and fairness. These invigilators ensure that examinations are conducted smoothly and adhere to the prescribed rules and regulations.
  5. Evaluation and Result Processing: Following the completion of examinations, the Exam Section collects answer scripts and coordinates with faculty members for evaluation. It then processes the results and declares them within the stipulated timeframe, allowing students to assess their performance.
  6. Grievance Redressal: The Exam Section provides a platform for students to raise any grievances or concerns regarding the examination process. It addresses these issues promptly and ensures that students’ concerns are resolved satisfactorily.
  7. Information Dissemination: The Exam Section serves as a communication channel between the college administration and the students regarding examination-related updates, announcements, and circulars. It disseminates information through various channels such as notice boards, emails, and the college website.

In addition to these facilities, the Exam Section may also offer guidance and support to students regarding examination preparation strategies, time management, and stress management techniques. Overall, the Exam Section plays a crucial role in maintaining the academic integrity and excellence of Sagarmatha College of Science & Technology by ensuring a fair, transparent, and efficient examination process for its students.


Kiran Jung Mahat

Office Assistant, Exam Section

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