Computer Engineering Society in Sagarmatha (COESIS)

Computer Engineering Society in Sagarmatha (COESIS)

COESIS, Computer Engineering Society in Sagarmatha, emerged as a modest student group at Sagarmatha Engineering College. With a fervent commitment to advancing Computer Engineering and fostering a culture of progress, COESIS has grown into vibrant community united by shared values of learning and collaboration. Under the motto “Share, Learn, and Grow”, COESIS nurtures a culture of curiosity and unity, empowering members to reach their full potential and impacting the tech community.

At our core, COESIS is a dynamic tech community focusing on enhancing student’ s technical skills. We provide a nurturing space for students to share ideas and experiences, effectively bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industry demands. Our primary objective revolves around creating an exceptional environment for learning and sharing, dedicated to the growth of students by enriching their technical expertise.

Computer Engineering Society in Sagarmatha (COESIS),

Deparment of Electronics and Computer Engineering,

Sagarmatha Engineering College,

Sanepa, Lalitpur