Student Views

Student Views

I am proud to be a part of Sagarmatha College , as an CSITian, and in this two years, I have achieved so many things, the effective and efficient quality education, the facilities that are provided according to student’s need. Such education and facilities really helping me to make my vision a reality. Sagarmatha is the second home where a student can build up their computer instincts in a peaceful environment.

Pusmita Shrestha
B.Sc.CSIT (2068 Batch)


In this era of technology, almost everything is operated through computers. So Information Technology is the most demanding field. In my view, B.Sc.CSIT is a good selection of course for this field, keeping a good eye on our context. As a CSITian, I want to flourish my creativity, gain more and more knowledge about computers and I also want competitiveness for getting ever better. Sagarmatha provided me with all this facilities and in addition , a good study environment and good care by teachers. So I am very proud to be called as a student of Sagarmatha.

Tennish Shrestha
B.Sc.CSIT (2069 Batch)
Alongside rigorous academic study, and important element of life at Sagarmatha College is enjoying the wealth of facilities an offer. The college combines cutting edge facilities with great industry links and small class sizes. The workload is tough, there’s no denying it. But its not impossible and you soon learn to adopt to fitting everything in. Terms are short but intense, so you will probably find they can be exhausting but exhilarating at the same time. Much can be learnt from lectures and in laboratories, an even more from your own reading and discussions with your cotemporaries, but the time spent in tutorials with one person who has an overall responsibility for your development is what makes this college special.

Bibhu Luitel
B.Sc.CSIT (2070 Batch)