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Message Form Department Head

Message form Department Head


Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. With recent rapid advances in the computer hardware and software technology, Computer Science and IT has become one of the most exciting and dynamic research areas. Today computers form an integral part of every aspect of society and modern life. New computing technologies are introduced at an enormous rate and the IT field develops and changes continually and rapidly. Consequently IT field has evolved into a dynamic and challenging field of study.

Establishing a skilled computing workforce is essential to the long term economic stability of the nation.Today, there is a huge demand for qualified computing personnel in the commercial and administrative fields.

After completing this degree, students will be able to work in programming, systems analysis and design, artificial intelligence, software engineering, Internet and Multimedia development, networking, as well as in any other computer-related jobs.

The department is committed to produce disciplined, responsible, sincere and confident IT professionals tuned to real time working environment. The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members along with engineering environment thus making our students different and more creative in the field of IT. We inspire the students to develop their technical skills and inculcate the spirit of team work in them to meet market needs.


Er. Pratik Timilsena
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology