The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CS&IT), at Sagaramatha College of Science and Technology, is an active and vibrant teaching and research centre with its focus strongly on obtaining the best possible career outcomes for its graduates. The Department is offering Bachelors of Science in Computerr Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT), a four year (eight semester) course, under the affiliation of Tribhuwan University and plans to extend its academic outreach to several other IT fields including but not limited to courses like Bachelors in Computer Application.


Advancing innovation and knowledge

We offer industry-driven courses and research and varied work experience opportunities.


In an industry as dynamic as IT, students are placed at the forefront of modern technologies. Our facilities are class-leading with many open 24/7. In addition, specialist labs offer hands-on experience with networking technology and software development through collaborations with national and international IT Industries.

A promising CS&IT career starts with a firm foundation, coupled with the opportunities provided by strong industry linkages and research expertise, studying at Sagarmatha is the gateway to a successful career.






Welcome to the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. With recent rapid advances in the computer hardware and software technology, Computer Science and IT has become one of the most exciting and dynamic research areas. Today computers form an integral part of every aspect of society and modern life.




Study options


We aim to train highly employable information technology and computer science graduates.


Students' Views


I am proud to be a part of Sagarmatha College , as an CSITian, and in this two years, I have achieved so many things, the effective and efficient quality education, the facilities that are provided according to student’s need.