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Course Structure

Course Structure

Computing and associated subjects are highly regarded in industry, and many companies seek to recruit Computing and IT graduates. The computing skills you acquire through your course are widely sought by employers, as are transferable skills such as practical problem-solving, communication skills and an understanding of scientific methods. The range of subjects offered in the course constantly broadens the knowledge and skills required for the IT industry.


Tribhuwan University has prescribed following subjects for the Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology.



CSC 101 Introduction to Information Technology

CSC 102 Fundamentals of Computer Programming

STA 103 Probability and Statistics

MTH 104 Calculus and Analytical Geometry

Natural Science Elective I (Any One):

PHY-105 Physics I

BIO-106 Biology I

GEO-107 Geology I

STA-108 Statistics I


CSC 151 Digital Logic

CSC-152 Discrete Structure

CSC-153 Microprocessor

CSC-154 Data Structures and Algorithms

MTH-155 Linear Algebra

Natural Science Elective II (Any One):

PHY-156 Physics II

BIO-157 Biology II

GEO-158 Geology II

STA-159 Statistics II


CSC-201 Computer Architecture

CSC-202 Object Oriented Programming Language

CSC-203 Operating Systems

CSC-204 Numerical Method

CSC-205 Introduction to Management


CSC-251 Theory of Computation

CSC-252 System Analysis and Design

CSC-253 Database Management System

CSC-254 Computer Graphics

CSC-255 Introduction to Cognitive Science

ENG-256 Technical Writing


CSC-301 Computer Networks

CSC-302 Simulation and Modeling

CSC-303 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CSC-304 Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science Elective I (Any One):

CSC-305 Microprocessor Based Design

CSC-306 Applied Logic

CSC-307 E-Governance

CSC-308 Wireless Networking

MGT-309 International Business Management

MGT-10 International Marketing

CSC-311 Neural Networks

CSC-312 Computer Hardware Design

CSC-313 Cryptography


CSC-351 Software Engineering

CSC-352 Complier Design and Construction

CSC-353 Web Technologies

CSC-354 Real Time System

Computer Science Elective II (Any One):

CSC-355 Knowledge Management

CSC-356 Fundamentals of E-Commerce

CSC-357 Society and Ethics in Information Technology

CSC-358 Automation and Robotics

CSC-359 Digital System Design

CSC-360 Net Centric Computing

CSC-361 Web Centric Computing

CSC-362 Embedded System Programming

CSC-363 Image Processing


CSC-401 Advance Database Management System

CSC-402 Internet Technology

CSC-403 Advanced Java Programming

CSC-404 Project Work

Computer Science Elective III (Any One):

CSC-405 Information Retrieval

CSC-406 Database Administration

CSC-407 Network and System Administrator

CSC-408 Software Project Management


CSC-451 Database Warehousing and Data Mining

CSC-452 Internship

Computer Science Elective IV, V (Any Two):

CSC-453 Advanced Networking with IPV6

CSC-454 Distributed Networking

CSC-455 Network Security

CSC-456 Multimedia Database

CSC-457 Distributed and Object Oriented Database

CSC-458 Cloud Computing

CSC-459 Geographical Information System

CSC-460 Decision Support System


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