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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B. Sc. CSIT), affiliated to T.U. is the most demanded course 4 years IT and computer courses. For fulfilling the need of the job market in the field of IT, many elective courses have been also introduced. The program comprises computer science and allied courses of 126 credit hours. This is a promising course for students who aspire to become professionals in the field of Computer and Information Technology.



Enthusiasm and commitment to teaching are undeniable characteristics of our faculty. They will spark your curiosity, challenge you to grow and inspire you to achieve your dreams.


The main aim of the program is to stimulate students in the area of critical thinking and innovation in a scientifically useful way. It addresses both software and hardware aspects of the computer science discipline. Courses are designed to equip students with knowledge and techniques that will give them a competitive edge wherever they may find themselves. The program involves lots of practical and project works. The program develops the underlying principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology and shows how these principles can be applied to real world problems. This program develops the skills that are essential for both computer professionals and IT managers. After completing this degree, students will be well qualified for high paying jobs in IT field.





Individuals who work in the computer science field are employed directly by companies and organizations or by consulting firms. Computer science professionals who work directly for companies or organizations are members—sometimes the only member—of their computer departments.

Consultants typically spend time in the offices of different entities tending to their computing needs. Some are self-employed.




Computing and associated subjects are highly regarded in industry, and many companies seek to recruit Computing and IT graduates. The computing skills you acquire through your course are widely sought by employers, as are transferable skills such as practical problem-solving, communication skills and an understanding of scientific methods. The range of subjects offered in the course constantly broadens the knowledge and skills required for the IT industry.