National Mourn Day-Holiday




innovative specialized programs

engaging faculty 

Few colleges provide Sagarmatha’s variety of career-oriented studies. Our unmatched array of trainings will attract employers to appoint our graduates. When these “left-brain and right-brain” students engage with Sagarmatha’s outstanding faculty, a learning environment is created where innovation and creativity flourish.


Excelling in research and excelling in teaching, our faculty are passionate about their disciplines and their role in both the lab and the classroom. They are innovative and resourceful. They engage students in the process of discovery and the contribution of new knowledge to their fields.



college timing

BSc. CSIT                48 Seats



Sunday to Friday, 7:00 am to 2:00 pm
Closed on Saturdays and other holidays as per academic calendar provided by the college


teaching comes first

This is a place where faculty enjoy interacting with students—not only in class or during office hours but in the cafeteria tables, or at the social media. It’s a friendly but challenging environment, and our faculty’s approach to teaching makes it so. Our faculty have extensive experience in the classroom and their professional fields. Their real-life experiences and their involvement in applied research and consulting means that their teaching is well informed and up to date. They’ll talk with you about career choices and graduate school. Our faculty members think about your future almost as much as you do, and they are committed to your success.



outstanding facilities

Students are advised to attend each and every class. However, its mandatory to maintain a minimum of 70% attendance to be eligible for the final examination conducted by the IOST.

Our strong reputation for state-of-the-art academic facilities is rightly earned. You’ll find outstanding facilities and equipment in every area of campus, and our commitment to student success ensures that these facilities are accessible when you need them.


beyond classroom

A student may be considered to be Not Qualified for attending final exams if found failed to secure 40 % of the internal marks in each subject. The detail guideline for internal evaluation will be provided to the admitted students later.

While their primary emphasis is on teaching, faculty members are also active in business, industry, publishing and research, bringing Sagarmatha worldwide recognition and inspiring exciting learning opportunities.